Department: Chemistry
Appointment Post: Professor
Degree: Ph. D
Academic Credentials:
Graduate School: SHNU
Office Location: Room 103, Building 8
Address: No100 Guilin Rd

Research Direction

Zhenfeng Bian, male, born in Nantong, Jiangsu Province in 1981. Zhenfeng Bian received his PhD in Environmental chemistry from the Shanghai Normal University in 2010. Hehas been a JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow in the lab of Professor Tetsuro Majima during 2010–2013. He became a Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Shanghai Normal University in 2013. His research interests are focused on the design and synthesis of photocatalysts with different micro-nanostructures and compositions and their applications in catalysis, environmental purification and energy, and develops environmental purification reaction devices, involving synthesis methods, mechanism and application.

Academic Achievement

2013.06-present, Eastern Scholar Professor of Shanghai City, Department of Chemistry, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai, P. R. China

2010.10-2013.03, Osaka University, Japan. The JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow. Advisor:  Professor Tetsuro Majima, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (SANKEN)

2007.09-2010.06, Shanghai Normal University, Environmental Science, Ph.D.

2004.09-2007.06, Shanghai Normal University, Physical Chemistry, Master

2000.09-2004.07, Yangzhou University, Chemistry Education, Bachelor

Teaching Work

2013-2017 Experimental Physical Chemistry

Honor Reward

2015 The first prize of Shanghai Natural Science Award (second)

2015 National Natural Science Foundation--Outstanding Youth Foundation

2014 The field of solar photochemistry and photocatalysis outstanding young award

2012 National100 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award nomination

2011 JSPS postdoctoral fund

Social Appointments

2017 - present, China Chemical Letters Youth Editorial Board

2016 - present, Members of the Chinese Chemical Society

2014 - present, Members of Shanghai youth federation

2014 - present, Member of the American Chemical Society